Math 21b: Linear Algebra

Spring 2002 at Harvard University

William A. Stein, [email protected]

Office Hours: 1-3 in SC515
CA: Jeff Berton, [email protected]
  1. Virtual Office Hours
  2. I teach the TuTh 11:30-1 section of this course, which means in Science Center 112.
  3. The official course web page, contains the syllabus, homework assigments, and so on.

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Final Exam

Proposition: Our final exam will be on Friday, May 17.
Proof. According to course catalogue our exam group is 2. The result then follows from the exam group table in the student handbook.

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When is Homework Due?

Since this is a TuTh section, the homework due dates are different than those posted for the MWF section. My system is as follows. The homework that is due for the MWF sections on Friday and Monday is due for us on Tuesday, and the homework that is due in the MWF sections on Wednesday is due in our section on Thursday. It's easy -- you just move the date that it would be due in the MWF section forward to the next date that our TuTh section meets. Thus the first homework assignment is Section 1.1 #10,14,20*,24,26,36*, which is due Thursday 2/7, and the second is Section 1.2 #6,11,18,20,30,38*, Section 1.3 #4,14,26*,34,48,50, which is due Tuesday 2/12.

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