The Mathematics Extreme Computation Cluster At Harvard is a cluster of 6 dual Athlon processor computers, funded in large part by William R. Hearst III, and administered by William Stein.

There is a COMPUTATION LOG, which describes a little of what we're doing using MECCAH.

I wrote an article about my experiences building and administering MECCAH.

Technical Specifications: MECCAH consists of 6 dual-processor AMD Athlon MP2800 nodes. The master node has 3GB of RAM (and at present only Athlon MP2000 processors), and the remaining 5 nodes have 2GB RAM each.  The nodes run Red Hat Linux 9.0 and are networked with 100Mbs ethernet.

Design: (updated May 2005) Alex Healy, Wayne Whitney, and William Stein designed the cluster in Spring 2002 for use by the Department of Mathematics at Harvard University. The nodes in the cluster were purchased custom made from pcsforeveryone, a local computer chop shop. They were flexible and helpful with the initial configuration of the machine. I had some initial trouble with warranty-work from pcsforeveryone back in 2002, but in April when the power supplies failed on node 5, pcsforeveryone offered to upgrade the node completely for free to a dual-Opteron box. They sent a courier to the math department, picked up the machine, replaced the motherboard, power supply, and CPU with a dual-Opteron based system, and the new node works well. That's great service!


Questions? Email William Stein at [email protected].