Non-commutative Iwasawa theory for modular forms


by John Coates, Tim Dokchitser, Zhibin Liang, William Stein, Ramdorai Sujatha

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The aim of the present paper is to give evidence, largely numerical, in support of the non-commutative main conjecture of Iwasawa theory for the motive of a primitive modular form of weight k>2 over the Galois extension of Q obtained by adjoining to Q all p-power roots of unity, and all p-power roots of a fixed integer m>1. The predictions of the main conjecture are rather intricate in this case because there is more than one critical point, and also there is no canonical choice of periods. Nevertheless, our numerical data agrees perfectly with all aspects of the main conjecture, including Kato's mysterious congruence between the cyclotomic Manin p-adic L-function, and the cyclotomic p-adic L-function of a twist of the motive by a certain non-abelian Artin character of the Galois group of this extension.