Videos by William Stein

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march2004.wmv (2MB windows media) I went street skating for a few minutes today and shot a short video using a little Fuji F700 camera
MissionValley-100Kbps.wmv (8.5MB windows media) or much higher quality (and bigger) mpeg2(=dvd) and divx versions My brother and I skating an vert ramp in San Diego in July 2003
1990_vert.wmv (8.5MB windows media) My brother and I skating an 11 foot vert ramp back in 1990 (over 10 minutes long)
sk8was.avi (12MB divx),   sk8was.wmv (1.4MB windows media) A skate video with some Jet Li kung fu
pigeons.avi (19MB divx) Poisoning pigeons in the park
tish_and_i_skating_05-14-03.avi (37MB divx) Skate video I made with my wife, set to music of Thom Moran's band
  shootout_bw.avi (76MB divx) A slapstick comedy I made with my father and brother over Christmas 2002
  SKATING_at_cambridge_bbcourt_divx.avi (24MB divx) My first skate video at the Cambridge Basketball Courts (November 2002)
  gabber.avi (16MB) God is a Gabber techno video (shot in Bonn)
  autobahn.gif (2.1MB) Animated GIF of driving on the Autobahn in Germnay
  boats.gif (2.0MB) Boats on the Reine in Bonn, Germany
  ntl.avi (6.1MB) Silly number theory lunch slide show at Max Planck Institute
  ice.avi, ice2.avi, , ice3_bond_v2.avi, icebond.avi Some videos Tish and I made in winter 2001 in Boston Common

Viewing Hints

The wmv files are "Windows Media" files and play on any Windows machine or any Mac with Windows Media player, and will also play fine under LINUX using a modern version of
Mplayer. Many of my videos are encoded using divx, so under Windows or on a Mac you need to have a divx player (see Everything plays under Linux with Mplayer. Oh, Mplayer is also available for Windows.