Tutorial: Computing With Modular Forms Using SAGE

Contents, General, Modular Forms, Modular Symbols, Future

To use SAGE effectively, it is critical that you know about
  1. The SAGE documentation (a tutorial, reference manual, etc.)
  2. In the notebook click "Documentation" in the upper right for a live version.
  3. SAGE uses the Python language, which is simple and clean: In Python indentation matters !!. But there is no need for semicolons, begins, ends, braces, etc.
  4. If foo is a function, use foo? to get help on foo; use foo?? to see the source code.
  5. If obj is an object, type obj.[tab key] to see what you can do with obj.
  6. SAGE is a GPL'd open source software project I started in 2005 that has about 50 developers worldwide, and includes and builds on GP/PARI, Gap, Singular, and Maxima. The goal is to provide a viable open source alternative to Magma, Maple, Matlab, and Mathematica -- i.e., it's not just for arithmetic geometry -- though arithmetic geometry tends to use most other areas of math at some point...